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My Mumford & Sons Experience

On Tuesday night of this week, I had the great pleasure of witnessing musical genius and perfection in action. I really should have written about this earlier, but I figured late is better than never. I saw Mumford & Sons perform live and no exaggeration, I have not a single bad thing to say about it. It was life-changing, moving, beautiful. The instrumentation, the vocals, the energy, the show, everything was perfect. They played all their biggest hits: I Will Wait, The Cave, etc., as well as some quiet jems such as Timshel and Ghosts That We Knew, which were two personal highlights for me. One of my all-time favourite songs, Below My Feet, was also a highlight. The ending to that song is just so grandiose that I can't help but smile in awe and close my eyes. Close to the end of the show, they played a B-stage set, which was absolutely incredible. A Springsteen cover, and an old track called Sister, a capella. Those four men have accomplished so much, and their music is so much more than a lot of the (in my opinion) garbage taking over the charts lately. The commercialization of music today is absolutely ridiculous to me, and not to say that Mumford & Sons isn't greatly affected by this because they are, but they seem so much more genuine in their work. Their music is a craft, more than just a career. All this talk reminds me of something Ben said during an interview recently:

"There's so much music about just going out and going to a club and meeting a girl and going back home. I think it’d be good if people, kind of, just listened to more music about everything else that happens on a day to day basis. A lot of things happen between like, 9 am and 10 pm before you go to the club and meet your girl and get drunk and go home. It’s like, you know there’s other stuff."

I recognize that everyone has their own opinions and tastes when it comes to music, but so much of what I'm hearing these days just makes me sad. This quotes speaks a lot to how I feel about music and my relationship with it. So many things can be said through music and very few take advantage of this. After the show, my sister and I went outside the venue in hopes of meeting the band. We had to leave to catch a train and so were unsuccessful, but did manage to get Ted to wave to us outside. There were quite a few other people outside, and some were asking me what the names of the band members were. This saddened me a little to know that the four of them were not really recognized individually for their talents, but I was still happy to share some knowledge. Marcus Mumford is extremely talented, much more so than I realized. His vocals were spot-on all night long, and it still amazes me that he plays guitar, kick drum, and tambourine, all while singing melody as well. And then he goes and plays kit. Seriously multi-talented. Ben Lovett and his flawless harmony, as well as his impressive piano and keyboard skills were also amazing to see. And then he pulls out an accordion. During Dust Bowl Dance (viewable on the tour DVD) he plays a beautiful intro that I have listened to far too many times to admit. The banjo is one of the most fascinating instruments to me, and Winston Marshall is definitely a highly skilled musician, both on the banjo and the guitar. And then the flawless harmonies again. And last but not least, Ted Dwane was one of the most dynamic for sure, playing the bass and the kit at one point. The four of these men are all incredible, and I am so happy to have seen them live. I have considered myself a Mumford & Sons fan for several years now, long before their Grammy breakthrough, and I was so floored that they finally chose Calgary to play a show, especially to open up a tour of that magnitude. It was easily the best show I have ever been to (and I've been to quite a few) and I highly recommend going to see them if given the opportunity. Man, I'm such a fan girl.

Many people say that the golden ages of music, likely the 60s and 70s, are gone and that quality music such as that by groups and artists such as Simon & Garfunkel and The Beatles, is never to be found again. Which may be fair to say; however, there are so many incredible bands being smothered by the industry that no one knows about. I have gotten completely off topic here because obviously Mumford & Sons has done extremely well commercially, but there are so many other bands that are lost in obscurity. I will post again soon more about music and what I listen to, because it is something that I am extremely passionate about. I keep reading all these articles about how Mumford & Sons is just another popfolk band of today. They won't last, they're just cashing in on the current market. They're mixed in with bands the likes of The Lumineers, The Head and the Heart, and others, but I really have to disagree. Bands are rightfully taking advantage of the fact that people are largely listening to this style of music. Each has their own sound, their own fans, and their own story and I think Mumford & Sons is one of few genuine bands that have achieved mainstream success. I'm excited to see where else they go with their music, and I hope to see them again in the as near as possible future.

Just Thinking

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Today, a beautiful soul by the name of Zach Sobiech passed away. Every part of me has been inspired by the things he did in his all too short lifetime, and I now strive to live as he did and to have a family like the incredible one he did. I only heard Zach's story today, but just in time; I hope I can one day impact someone as much as he has impacted me and many others. I saw a short documentary of Zach's life and legacy and am completely floored by the wisdom and love delivered and received by the 18 year old. The joy I felt just seeing this boy smile is incredible.

I saw the documentary, and proceeded to watch similar videos from families and people in other tragic but bold and inspiring situations. These people have lived so much more than I, they are fully aware that life is about to be taken away, and still they seem content. I can't even verbalize how I'm feeling right now, but now more than ever I believe that there is so much more to life than people realize.

I cannot sit idly by for this summer anymore. My life needs to be more than sitting around at home, working, and scrolling tumblr over and over again. I will do all that I want to do, and hopefully even more.


Hi Livejournal, thanks for still being here for me. I haven't forgotten all those blogging days. Grade 9 me is still here however changed and grown. Still, I feel like an entirely different person than I was five years ago.

Writer's Block: Sense and sensibility

If you could keep only one of your five senses--taste, touch, smell, sight, or hearing--which would you choose and why?

Many people do not know this about me, but music is something that is very important to me. Quite a large part of my life revolves directly aroud music. That being said, I would not choose to keep my hearing. I would choose to keep my sight. Smell, Touch, and Taste are easily elimated. I don't think I could handle not being able to see ever again. Seeing the ocean. Seeing the mountains. Seeing your smile. Seeing color. Seeing the snow. Seeing litte kids playing. SEEING THE CLOUDS, THE STARS, AND THE SKY. In a way, I definitely think the world is more tailored to deaf people. There is sign language, and other methods of communication. Hearing aids, and things like that. Once you're blind, you're blind, and there is no way to ever see again. The world is beautiful, and I can't imagine it without sight.

I might be kind of hard to live, and never hear your laugh again.
But seeing your smile is almost as good :)

Writer's Block: Play it again, Sam

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

The first thing (and probably only thing) that comes to mind would be a Coldplay album. Most likely Viva la Vida. I do absolutely love this album, and I do absolutely love this band, but I think even I might get tired of it after a lifetime. Think about it. I'm pretty sure when I'm 80 years old, I'm not real gonna want to blast Viva la Vida. Although, I think Coldplay is better for older people than some things. Coldpla s an even mix of slow songs, fast songs, songs with amazing lyrics, songs with an amazing beat, and songs with amazing melodies. This would actually be quite an easy decision for me to make, if I had to, because, although there are some bands I abolutely love, Coldplay will be forever, and it outweighs all other amazement.

Coldplay - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends.

Might as well make it the special edition,
that way I get Rainy Day, Postcards from Far Away, and Glass of Water :) 

This Is It.

I am beyond inspired and awestruck. I saw Michael Jackson's This Is It tonight, and I am still shocked as to how incredible he was, both as an entertainer, and a person. I am so sadened that I never really had time to be his fan before. By the time I was old enough to pay attention, Michael Jackson was all over the media, but only for the bad things. Such as dangling Blanket over a balcony, and getting charged for molestation. His music was, should I say 'before my time'. I just grew up thinking he was a weird guy with serious problems. But now, I truly see how much of an idol he was and still is to the entire world. He was an incredible performer, and produced some of the most popular songs of all time. He completely revolutionized the world of dance and had an incredible voice as well. He was such a great guy, and I am really disappointed that I never realized this until he died. He was thrown into the music industry at a very young age, and was forced to grow up and be very mature. Many think that he was still living his unlived childhood, later into his life. Whatever the background story is, he was an incredible man, and I will forever remember him. I recently learnt the Thriller dance, and I am so glad that I learnt it, just as a small personal tribute to Michael Jackson. I can not express how much of an impact he has made on me, just tonight. I can guarantee that I will be listening to only Michael Jackson for the next week, because I will never be able to get the songs out of my head. I was watching a video on youtube the other day, of him performing, and there were people passing out left, right and center. At first I was kind of confused, but now I realize that he made just as big or an ever bigger impact on the rest of the world.

In regards to the movie itself, I thought it was very well done. It was basically footage of his upcoming tour (which looked phenomenal) and rehearsals and the process behind it. There were funny bits, and very touching bits, and I just really enjoyed it. There were even green advocation bits about saving the earth, and how he loved to help save the earth. The whole place was completely packed. A great film. I don't care if you're not a fan, go see this movie, it will inspire you, and make you love his music, and all his efforts in the industry.

I know that there is just so much more to write about this incredible man, but I just wanted to make it clear how much I admire him and believe that he made a difference in the world.

"In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe." - Michael Jackson.

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.
We love you, and will never forget you.
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You will never be forgotten.

Yeah, you knew I had to post this.

Michael Jackson.

What an incredible man. Honestly, his memorial service was one of the most beautiful, emotional things I think I have ever seen. Celebrities paying their respects, friends, family, fans, everyone there just to honor the man he was, and still is. Stevie Wonder sang. You could hear the emotion, and the love coming through his voice. John Mayer played an amazing guitar solo. Jennifer Hudson sang brilliantly. A finalist from Britain's Got Talent sang, a young boy, which was very touching. Brooke Shields spoke of their friendship. Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson spoke of their friendship. Martin Luther King III spoke. And Michael's brother Jermaine sang MJ's favourite song 'Smile'. Incredible. And there were huge numbers at the end, everyone onstage, singing. It was phenomenal. In my opinion, the most emotional moment of the whole thing was when Paris Katherine Jackson, his daughter, spoke. She just displayed her love for her father, but in a way that touched everyone watching. You could feel the pain in her voice, but you also knew that she knew he was better off. In an earlier speech by Rev. Al Sharpton, it was said:  "Nothing is strange about your Daddy, it was strange what your Daddy had to deal with", I think this is such an amazing quote. I was never by any means a fanatic of Michael Jackson, but now i really see how big an impact he made on the world. RIP King of Pop, you will not be forgotten. It doesn't matter if you're a fan or not, this clip of Paris his 11 year old daughter is the most touching ever.

"I just wanted to say, ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best Father you could ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him, so much." - Paris Katherine Jackson

i'm sorry, i'm still not over how INCREDIBLE that was.

the first encore: including the funny bit with naked men and pastey white english boys :)
- the scientist.

do those balloons look like fun or what?
- yellow

this video shows the super cool videos really well :)
as well as the butterfly confetti :D
- lovers in japan

this is the song in which he displays his incredible piano talents, although it cuts off before he actually goes crazy
- the hardest part

ok, that's the last one, i'm sorry, i got a little carried away xD

is it weird of me to say that i am in love with chris martin?

no, scratch that, i'm in love with all of coldplay.


^ this is a picture, taken fom my crappy camera-phone (still a good enough picture) of the song "Lovers in Japan". keep reading for a more detailed description of how awesome this was.

last night was the coldplay concert. yeah, the one that i've been talking about for months now. let me just say,, it was nothing short of the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. it was incredible, about 100 times better than what i thought was possible.

before i start going crazy with coldplay awe, i'm going to talk about the opening acts. howling bells was first, and i had never really heard them until yesterday, when i watched a video of theirs on youtube. they weren't really too special, their girl singer was kinda drowned out my an overload of bass and drums, and nobody was really even there. most people either weren't paying attention, or they were just arriving. they weren't bad, but i'm not too big a fan right now. at the end of the show, chris recommended downloading a song by them, so i think i might.

snow patrol, was actually really good. even before i found out they were on the line-up, i was a pretty big fan, so it was fun. their balance was a lot better, and the guy singer (gary i believe his name was) was really good. my favourite songs were "if there's a rocket tie me to it" and "chasing cars" was good too. i can't really expect you guys to know the first song i mentioned, but it's the song they opened with, the first track off their new album, and i really love the chorus. it's so catchy! and chasing cars, was cool too, just because nearly everyone knew it, and it was kinda cool just to see the song that made them famous. he has such a pretty smile :) :s

i'm not gonna go over every song (nearly though) cause that would take too long, but i honestly can't even describe how amazing that show was. the crowd was actually really good as well. when you listen to live recordings, and watch live videos on youtube, it seems as though all the coldplay crowds are all super hard-core fans, but the crowd last night was actually really good. all singing, and cheering and stuff, it was fun. no joke, i didn't even sit down once after coldplay started. if i didn't have school, and i had a lot of money, i would seriously go follow them around north america and europe, just to see that show over and over again. the set up of the stage was also really cool. there was just a normal stage, and then two cat-walk kind of things on the sides. all over the venue there were these huge balls (apparently dubbed "magic balls" by chris" and they showed either pictures of stuff, or the band playing. it was like the screen at a normal concert, but on a ball. i think there was about 6 of them? of course, there were also normal screens. one huge one behind them, and two on the sides. my seat was in like perfect viewng of one of the screens, so it was cool. even the way they screened the show was so cool! they used a lot of effects, some songs were in black and white, and for a few songs, they even had the litte TV from the "Lovers in Japan" video! the screens showed an equal amount of all the guys, which was good. 

the show started in pitch black. the four of them came out, carrying sparklers, while they started "Life in Technicolor" the ligthts went all crazy and whatnot. "Life in Technicolor" seems like an obvious choice for first song, being the introduction to "Viva la Vida or Death and all his Friends" but, it was a really goo introduction just to the whole show. then it went into "Violet Hill", which was really good too. chris is such an amazing singer, his voice is incredible. next was "Clocks", which was amazing to see, because it is probably one of their most well known songs. it was fantastic as well, and this was the first time you really saw chris and his MAD PIANO SKILLS. very inspiring. after was "In my Place" which was also good, cause nearly everyone in the house knew the words. i'm glad they played old stuff, as well as new stuff. just the order of songs must have taken a long time to come up with, it was so carefully thought out. next was "Yellow" which was arguably one of the best songs of the night. the whole place lit up in bright yellow lights, and huge yellow balloons were sent into the crowd. the balloons all had tons of confetti in them too. they played the song, which was amazing, cause it's actually what made them famous. "Yellow" was like coldplay's first single off "Parachutes" and it's just such a feel-good happy song! at the end, chris started stabbing nearby balloons with the end of his guitar and omg i ca't even describe how amazing it was. after "Yellow" was "Glass of Water". i didn't actually know this song very well, but it's a really good song too. i'm gonna have to start listening to that one more :) then was "Cemeteries of London" followed right after with "42". they're both really good songs off the new album, though they weren't the most memorable songs in the show. "Fix You" was also great, because of the grandiosity of the song, everybody was singing, and chris was adding his own little lines, apologizing to the people in the back and stuff. haha, sounds weird, but it was really good. "Fix You" is such an amazing song :) then was "Strawberry Swing". ok, so i don't know why, but i'm pretty sure this is my favourite song ever, ever written. it's such a feel good happy song, and i love the lyrics so much. it's also fun to see everybody's interpretation of the words. it wasn't the best performed song, in comparison with the whole show, but i loved it, just because i am such a crazy fan of the song, i absolutely loved it. the whole place was lit up in bright pink, and the "magic balls" had really cool pictures and stuff in them. then they all did this cool techno remix of both "God Put a Smile upon your Face" and "Talk". I thought they were both super cool, and it was definitely something that i haven't really seen before. Will (the drummer) had this cool electronic drum thing (i can't describe that very well) but it sounded way cool. then, one of the most memorable points of the night. Chris played a piano solo of "The Hardest Part" which went into "Postcards from Far Away". man, that guy has INSANE piano skills. no joke. although he goes full out, dancing and running, his voice still sounded amazing in the slower songs. the song was so emotional, with a lot of power in it. you could literally hear the emotions coming out through both his piano playing, and his singing. it was very inspiring! after that, they played "Viva la Vida" (see what i mean, good song arrangement?) and that was, of course, incredible as well. that song is brilliant. the balance between the instruments, with the giant bell of will, and the vocals of chris. and the guitar and bass of guy and jonny. that song is just so happy feeling! you can't help to sing along :) after this, the whole band just kinda walked off the stage and started walking through the crowd. at first, we're like, where are they going? but then they set up on a little tiny stage thing, right in the middle of one of the sections in the back. they played a few acoustic songs "Green Eyes" (really good, pretty :) )"Death Will Never Conquer" sung by Will, he's also such a good singer!! and they played an acoustic cover of "I'm a Believer" which was also really good :) then, they kind of left for a minute, but came back and sang "Politik", another of their older songs (also a good one) and went into "Lovers in Japan" and this song had a really cool video playing, with really happy images of realy random things from Japan. cherry blossoms, and a lot of other things were shown, and it really made the song so much better. for this one, they had the little TV out, and it was super cool cause they showed Chris playing the piano on it, just like they do in the video. then they had all these confetti butterflies (LOTS) come shooting out of the magic balls and the speakers and the set up. they were EVERYWHERE. it was the most amazing thing. high on life, just looking around. and it was super cool. and then, when you didn't think it could get cooler, all the lights went out, and the butterflies were GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!! i don't really know what the story behind the butterflies are, but the same thing is also on the cover of their live EP. then, the last song :( "Death and All His Friends"  which is a great song.  it was soooo cool. but yeah, it was incredible. and then they left :( but then there was encore, in which they played "The Scientist" (another old famous one) which was good cause everyone knew the words, it's such a beautiful song too :) i love the lyrics to that one. and they played "Life in Technicolor II" which is basically "Life in Technicolor" with words. it's also a really amazing song. the beats and the drumming is really cool :) so they started, and finished with "Life in Technicolor" which i though was a great way to introduce and finish off the show.

Chris Martin is such an entertainer. just watching him dance and run around the stage energetically makes me so into the concert. although i'm sure he would, he doesn't show how tired he is, even as the night goes on. his voice is perfect and he puts a lot of emotion into the music.

aha, so i'm gonna laugh at this, probably y'all won't but whatever. after they came out for encore, chris was talking, saying thanks and stuff like that, and he was like: yeah, i've just been told that for the first time ever at one of our shows, there are ten naked men. and then he said something along the lines of why would you watch 4 pastey english guys play music when you could watch ten naked handsome canadians? lol i actually found that really funny. just the way he referred to them as pastey english boys... haha. good stuff. ps. there actually were a whole bunch of guys with no shirts at the back :p

overall, it was seriously AMAZING. definitely worth going to :)

the coldplay-shaped puppets even made an appearance in calgary!! :)

i didn't even think that such a cool show was possible/achieveable. but i guess anything's possible for coldplay :)

that is just what i needed to get out of my music listening rut.


i lied, that was every song.

you can even see the MAGIC BALLS
see those big colorful things?

uhm... now what do i live for?
i was looking forward to that for months!
now what?? :s

Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones. And I will try to fix you.
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breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out...

If you think i'm weird and twilight crazed at school, you should have seen me tonight, or you could read this and i think you'll get the gist of it. I am not even kidding, or exaggerating at all. I was screaming and now my hands really hurt. I guess we were kindof squeezing eachother's hands (REALLY HARD) at tense moments. omg. this is not neccessarily a blog entry for reading, just for my own personal gain.

run-down of characters:
is amazing when wet. no, edward is amazing in general. OMFG. i squealed every single time he came on. or my heart just started going super super fast. my favourite part of him was when they were talking about complications... yes i paid close attention. he looked much better in that scene than in any other. all i have to say is wow. he did a really good job at not talking in a british accent! and he was SOO PREETY when he sparkled!
was freaking HILARIOUS. i am in love with him. "Is she even Italian?" "Her name is Bella" ROFL. he was amazing. and when he showed up on the back of the truck, lol.
was ADORABLE. i love her too! she was amazing. she was so cute in the cafeteria when she was like hugging jasper, i was like "aww"
i dont really know what to say for bella, the acting was fairly good, and she was pretty entertaining... except she's not supposed to be that horny until eclipse! i mean, she ripped her pants off... but she was good, nothing to complain about...
didn't have that big a part, but the stuff he did do was really good! aww, he's so cute! i can't wait to see him in new moon!
was MUCH MUCHbetter than i thought. so hot! actually, i only really liked him in a couple scenes... like the one in the hospital when bella was recovering from the van incident... very good there.
was decently bad. i mean, he's new to the whole vegetarian thing, but he's not supposed to look like he's physically in pain ALL THE TIME. but when he talked it was good!
was very pretty! bitch please! jeez, when she broke the salad thing, that was scary. and she was good at being rosalie with her tenaciousness (pigheadedness lol) but she was good too!
the forks high gang:
i thought jessica was the cutest thing ever! but her dress was a little uh... revealing. and angela was really cute too. and michael was good too! i thought eric was freaking annoying, and same with tyler. i don't even recall it mentioning lauren, so uh.. yeah.
i thought he was really good, just get rid of the moustache! it's very distracting. and some parts between hi and bella were a little too awkward but good.
nothing really to say... she was good
a perfect renee
was really annoying. but a perfect billy :p

my favourite parts:
everything other than those listed below. the part where he was talking about complications. anything with emmett in it. or alice.

my not so favourite parts and stuff they did wrong:
BELLA COOKS FOR CHARLIE ALL THE TIME. the meadow was really ugly. they never did the bloodtyping scene. the dance is not the prom, it's a dance. there's no field trip. the part where bella ditched charlie is supposed to be 100x more dramatic. bella doesn't rip her pants off. she has to wear a stiletto. the prom is a surprise. tyler thinks he's going with her. billy can't drive, jacob drives. jacob was supposed to talk to her in the dance not outside. the port angeles scene was really weird. she never goes into the book store. when they're on their way to phoenix, alice is in the backseat with bella, who is crying on her shoulder. edward tells her the story of what happened not renee. edward, carlisle, emmett are supposed to lead james away in a car not on foot. bella would have never gotten away like that. it happened at an airport. she has to go home first, not straight to the ballet studio. bella and jacob are supposed to sit on a bleached tree. the waitress was supposed to be attractive. she was not attractive. bella doesn't have a cell phone. her pepper spray's in the bottom of her bag. he never talked about him and carlisle's life story. there's a lot more that was wrong... but i think that's enough to write down.

so.. i know this blog thing sounded very critical of the movie, i'm just trying to keep it fresh in my mind. and though i may have made it seem otherwise, i absolutely loved it. it was just not that similar to the book.

and there were these really bitchy girls behind us.

"You gotta give me some answers!"  " 'Yes", "no", "To get to the other side", "1.772-' " " I don't need the square root of pi!!" "you knew that?"

emmett never failed to make me laugh

it was freaking scary when alice tore james' head off.

it was so funny when she's like i have a date. charlie: loads his gun. "bring him in."


i also didn't like that leave out all the rest wasn't technically in the movie.
and was decode in it at all? or was i not paying attention? 

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