Sitting on the Strawberry Swing

Every moment was so precious.

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is it weird of me to say that i am in love with chris martin?

no, scratch that, i'm in love with all of coldplay.


^ this is a picture, taken fom my crappy camera-phone (still a good enough picture) of the song "Lovers in Japan". keep reading for a more detailed description of how awesome this was.

last night was the coldplay concert. yeah, the one that i've been talking about for months now. let me just say,, it was nothing short of the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. it was incredible, about 100 times better than what i thought was possible.

before i start going crazy with coldplay awe, i'm going to talk about the opening acts. howling bells was first, and i had never really heard them until yesterday, when i watched a video of theirs on youtube. they weren't really too special, their girl singer was kinda drowned out my an overload of bass and drums, and nobody was really even there. most people either weren't paying attention, or they were just arriving. they weren't bad, but i'm not too big a fan right now. at the end of the show, chris recommended downloading a song by them, so i think i might.

snow patrol, was actually really good. even before i found out they were on the line-up, i was a pretty big fan, so it was fun. their balance was a lot better, and the guy singer (gary i believe his name was) was really good. my favourite songs were "if there's a rocket tie me to it" and "chasing cars" was good too. i can't really expect you guys to know the first song i mentioned, but it's the song they opened with, the first track off their new album, and i really love the chorus. it's so catchy! and chasing cars, was cool too, just because nearly everyone knew it, and it was kinda cool just to see the song that made them famous. he has such a pretty smile :) :s

i'm not gonna go over every song (nearly though) cause that would take too long, but i honestly can't even describe how amazing that show was. the crowd was actually really good as well. when you listen to live recordings, and watch live videos on youtube, it seems as though all the coldplay crowds are all super hard-core fans, but the crowd last night was actually really good. all singing, and cheering and stuff, it was fun. no joke, i didn't even sit down once after coldplay started. if i didn't have school, and i had a lot of money, i would seriously go follow them around north america and europe, just to see that show over and over again. the set up of the stage was also really cool. there was just a normal stage, and then two cat-walk kind of things on the sides. all over the venue there were these huge balls (apparently dubbed "magic balls" by chris" and they showed either pictures of stuff, or the band playing. it was like the screen at a normal concert, but on a ball. i think there was about 6 of them? of course, there were also normal screens. one huge one behind them, and two on the sides. my seat was in like perfect viewng of one of the screens, so it was cool. even the way they screened the show was so cool! they used a lot of effects, some songs were in black and white, and for a few songs, they even had the litte TV from the "Lovers in Japan" video! the screens showed an equal amount of all the guys, which was good. 

the show started in pitch black. the four of them came out, carrying sparklers, while they started "Life in Technicolor" the ligthts went all crazy and whatnot. "Life in Technicolor" seems like an obvious choice for first song, being the introduction to "Viva la Vida or Death and all his Friends" but, it was a really goo introduction just to the whole show. then it went into "Violet Hill", which was really good too. chris is such an amazing singer, his voice is incredible. next was "Clocks", which was amazing to see, because it is probably one of their most well known songs. it was fantastic as well, and this was the first time you really saw chris and his MAD PIANO SKILLS. very inspiring. after was "In my Place" which was also good, cause nearly everyone in the house knew the words. i'm glad they played old stuff, as well as new stuff. just the order of songs must have taken a long time to come up with, it was so carefully thought out. next was "Yellow" which was arguably one of the best songs of the night. the whole place lit up in bright yellow lights, and huge yellow balloons were sent into the crowd. the balloons all had tons of confetti in them too. they played the song, which was amazing, cause it's actually what made them famous. "Yellow" was like coldplay's first single off "Parachutes" and it's just such a feel-good happy song! at the end, chris started stabbing nearby balloons with the end of his guitar and omg i ca't even describe how amazing it was. after "Yellow" was "Glass of Water". i didn't actually know this song very well, but it's a really good song too. i'm gonna have to start listening to that one more :) then was "Cemeteries of London" followed right after with "42". they're both really good songs off the new album, though they weren't the most memorable songs in the show. "Fix You" was also great, because of the grandiosity of the song, everybody was singing, and chris was adding his own little lines, apologizing to the people in the back and stuff. haha, sounds weird, but it was really good. "Fix You" is such an amazing song :) then was "Strawberry Swing". ok, so i don't know why, but i'm pretty sure this is my favourite song ever, ever written. it's such a feel good happy song, and i love the lyrics so much. it's also fun to see everybody's interpretation of the words. it wasn't the best performed song, in comparison with the whole show, but i loved it, just because i am such a crazy fan of the song, i absolutely loved it. the whole place was lit up in bright pink, and the "magic balls" had really cool pictures and stuff in them. then they all did this cool techno remix of both "God Put a Smile upon your Face" and "Talk". I thought they were both super cool, and it was definitely something that i haven't really seen before. Will (the drummer) had this cool electronic drum thing (i can't describe that very well) but it sounded way cool. then, one of the most memorable points of the night. Chris played a piano solo of "The Hardest Part" which went into "Postcards from Far Away". man, that guy has INSANE piano skills. no joke. although he goes full out, dancing and running, his voice still sounded amazing in the slower songs. the song was so emotional, with a lot of power in it. you could literally hear the emotions coming out through both his piano playing, and his singing. it was very inspiring! after that, they played "Viva la Vida" (see what i mean, good song arrangement?) and that was, of course, incredible as well. that song is brilliant. the balance between the instruments, with the giant bell of will, and the vocals of chris. and the guitar and bass of guy and jonny. that song is just so happy feeling! you can't help to sing along :) after this, the whole band just kinda walked off the stage and started walking through the crowd. at first, we're like, where are they going? but then they set up on a little tiny stage thing, right in the middle of one of the sections in the back. they played a few acoustic songs "Green Eyes" (really good, pretty :) )"Death Will Never Conquer" sung by Will, he's also such a good singer!! and they played an acoustic cover of "I'm a Believer" which was also really good :) then, they kind of left for a minute, but came back and sang "Politik", another of their older songs (also a good one) and went into "Lovers in Japan" and this song had a really cool video playing, with really happy images of realy random things from Japan. cherry blossoms, and a lot of other things were shown, and it really made the song so much better. for this one, they had the little TV out, and it was super cool cause they showed Chris playing the piano on it, just like they do in the video. then they had all these confetti butterflies (LOTS) come shooting out of the magic balls and the speakers and the set up. they were EVERYWHERE. it was the most amazing thing. high on life, just looking around. and it was super cool. and then, when you didn't think it could get cooler, all the lights went out, and the butterflies were GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!! i don't really know what the story behind the butterflies are, but the same thing is also on the cover of their live EP. then, the last song :( "Death and All His Friends"  which is a great song.  it was soooo cool. but yeah, it was incredible. and then they left :( but then there was encore, in which they played "The Scientist" (another old famous one) which was good cause everyone knew the words, it's such a beautiful song too :) i love the lyrics to that one. and they played "Life in Technicolor II" which is basically "Life in Technicolor" with words. it's also a really amazing song. the beats and the drumming is really cool :) so they started, and finished with "Life in Technicolor" which i though was a great way to introduce and finish off the show.

Chris Martin is such an entertainer. just watching him dance and run around the stage energetically makes me so into the concert. although i'm sure he would, he doesn't show how tired he is, even as the night goes on. his voice is perfect and he puts a lot of emotion into the music.

aha, so i'm gonna laugh at this, probably y'all won't but whatever. after they came out for encore, chris was talking, saying thanks and stuff like that, and he was like: yeah, i've just been told that for the first time ever at one of our shows, there are ten naked men. and then he said something along the lines of why would you watch 4 pastey english guys play music when you could watch ten naked handsome canadians? lol i actually found that really funny. just the way he referred to them as pastey english boys... haha. good stuff. ps. there actually were a whole bunch of guys with no shirts at the back :p

overall, it was seriously AMAZING. definitely worth going to :)

the coldplay-shaped puppets even made an appearance in calgary!! :)

i didn't even think that such a cool show was possible/achieveable. but i guess anything's possible for coldplay :)

that is just what i needed to get out of my music listening rut.


i lied, that was every song.

you can even see the MAGIC BALLS
see those big colorful things?

uhm... now what do i live for?
i was looking forward to that for months!
now what?? :s

Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones. And I will try to fix you.

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haha even though coldplay isn't my cup of tea, i'm glad you still had fun and I enjoyed reading the blog =)

OOH ALSO I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND that it's so hard to keep going with life after an awesome concert =(

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