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breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out...

If you think i'm weird and twilight crazed at school, you should have seen me tonight, or you could read this and i think you'll get the gist of it. I am not even kidding, or exaggerating at all. I was screaming and now my hands really hurt. I guess we were kindof squeezing eachother's hands (REALLY HARD) at tense moments. omg. this is not neccessarily a blog entry for reading, just for my own personal gain.

run-down of characters:
is amazing when wet. no, edward is amazing in general. OMFG. i squealed every single time he came on. or my heart just started going super super fast. my favourite part of him was when they were talking about complications... yes i paid close attention. he looked much better in that scene than in any other. all i have to say is wow. he did a really good job at not talking in a british accent! and he was SOO PREETY when he sparkled!
was freaking HILARIOUS. i am in love with him. "Is she even Italian?" "Her name is Bella" ROFL. he was amazing. and when he showed up on the back of the truck, lol.
was ADORABLE. i love her too! she was amazing. she was so cute in the cafeteria when she was like hugging jasper, i was like "aww"
i dont really know what to say for bella, the acting was fairly good, and she was pretty entertaining... except she's not supposed to be that horny until eclipse! i mean, she ripped her pants off... but she was good, nothing to complain about...
didn't have that big a part, but the stuff he did do was really good! aww, he's so cute! i can't wait to see him in new moon!
was MUCH MUCHbetter than i thought. so hot! actually, i only really liked him in a couple scenes... like the one in the hospital when bella was recovering from the van incident... very good there.
was decently bad. i mean, he's new to the whole vegetarian thing, but he's not supposed to look like he's physically in pain ALL THE TIME. but when he talked it was good!
was very pretty! bitch please! jeez, when she broke the salad thing, that was scary. and she was good at being rosalie with her tenaciousness (pigheadedness lol) but she was good too!
the forks high gang:
i thought jessica was the cutest thing ever! but her dress was a little uh... revealing. and angela was really cute too. and michael was good too! i thought eric was freaking annoying, and same with tyler. i don't even recall it mentioning lauren, so uh.. yeah.
i thought he was really good, just get rid of the moustache! it's very distracting. and some parts between hi and bella were a little too awkward but good.
nothing really to say... she was good
a perfect renee
was really annoying. but a perfect billy :p

my favourite parts:
everything other than those listed below. the part where he was talking about complications. anything with emmett in it. or alice.

my not so favourite parts and stuff they did wrong:
BELLA COOKS FOR CHARLIE ALL THE TIME. the meadow was really ugly. they never did the bloodtyping scene. the dance is not the prom, it's a dance. there's no field trip. the part where bella ditched charlie is supposed to be 100x more dramatic. bella doesn't rip her pants off. she has to wear a stiletto. the prom is a surprise. tyler thinks he's going with her. billy can't drive, jacob drives. jacob was supposed to talk to her in the dance not outside. the port angeles scene was really weird. she never goes into the book store. when they're on their way to phoenix, alice is in the backseat with bella, who is crying on her shoulder. edward tells her the story of what happened not renee. edward, carlisle, emmett are supposed to lead james away in a car not on foot. bella would have never gotten away like that. it happened at an airport. she has to go home first, not straight to the ballet studio. bella and jacob are supposed to sit on a bleached tree. the waitress was supposed to be attractive. she was not attractive. bella doesn't have a cell phone. her pepper spray's in the bottom of her bag. he never talked about him and carlisle's life story. there's a lot more that was wrong... but i think that's enough to write down.

so.. i know this blog thing sounded very critical of the movie, i'm just trying to keep it fresh in my mind. and though i may have made it seem otherwise, i absolutely loved it. it was just not that similar to the book.

and there were these really bitchy girls behind us.

"You gotta give me some answers!"  " 'Yes", "no", "To get to the other side", "1.772-' " " I don't need the square root of pi!!" "you knew that?"

emmett never failed to make me laugh

it was freaking scary when alice tore james' head off.

it was so funny when she's like i have a date. charlie: loads his gun. "bring him in."


i also didn't like that leave out all the rest wasn't technically in the movie.
and was decode in it at all? or was i not paying attention? 


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