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Just Thinking
Today, a beautiful soul by the name of Zach Sobiech passed away. Every part of me has been inspired by the things he did in his all too short lifetime, and I now strive to live as he did and to have a family like the incredible one he did. I only heard Zach's story today, but just in time; I hope I can one day impact someone as much as he has impacted me and many others. I saw a short documentary of Zach's life and legacy and am completely floored by the wisdom and love delivered and received by the 18 year old. The joy I felt just seeing this boy smile is incredible.

I saw the documentary, and proceeded to watch similar videos from families and people in other tragic but bold and inspiring situations. These people have lived so much more than I, they are fully aware that life is about to be taken away, and still they seem content. I can't even verbalize how I'm feeling right now, but now more than ever I believe that there is so much more to life than people realize.

I cannot sit idly by for this summer anymore. My life needs to be more than sitting around at home, working, and scrolling tumblr over and over again. I will do all that I want to do, and hopefully even more.


Hi Livejournal, thanks for still being here for me. I haven't forgotten all those blogging days. Grade 9 me is still here however changed and grown. Still, I feel like an entirely different person than I was five years ago.


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